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The Pines 1852 2018 Big Red Blend

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A perfect blend of Merlot, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, this wine is aptly named! This could potentially be our best-selling wine once people get a chance to taste it, because there’s a lot of bang for the buck in this glass!! We taste a delicious combo of flavors like currants, black licorice, cedar, garam masala (spice) and the darkest of plums.

This wine is amazing with grilled lamb. Try our Lamb Chops or Leg of Lamb recipes!

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Winery Description

  • The idea of The Pines 1852 started in the 1980s with Zinfandel vines that are now well over 120 years old, when Lonnie Wright took over some unattended and overgrown vines and brought them back to a vigorous life! Lonnie planted more red varietals over the years to sell to other wineries, and in 2001, he and his wife founded The Pines 1852, focusing on deeply-flavored red wines and aromatic whites.

    With the winery on the Oregon side of the Columbia River, about one hour from Portland, The Pines remains a family-owned and -run business, though steering the wheel as winemaker is Peter Rosback (who owns, and is the winemaker for, Sineann Wines).

    From Sierra Wright, daughter of Lonnie, “1852 is when our land was carved out of the Oregon Territory (before Oregon was a state) and granted to the original settlers of the farm. We wanted to incorporate some of the history of our amazing property in the name of the winery.”

    The Pines 1852 produces about 4,000 cases annually.

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