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Troon Vineyard 2020 Kubli Bench Rosé

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This is a fun wine! Made of two interesting grape varietals, Primitivo and Tinta Roriz, she is very light in color, with gobs of different crisp fruit flavors dancing across the palate. Oh, she can be shy, but isn’t afraid to show her true colors! From the fruit flavors there are some floral notes that blossom through the minerally finish.

**Biodynamic agriculture is kind of like “Organic Plus.” It was developed in 1924 by Rudolph Steiner as a way of taking organic farming to new heights, where each farm is completely independent, and major stages in treating the crop—in this case, the vines—are guided by the alignment of the moon and the stars, etc. There are cowhorns stuffed with ground quartz that are nestled into the ground in the vineyards to harvest “cosmic forces in the soil,” which is kind of cool. Sounds like voodoo to some people, but we feel that Biodynamically-grown grapes tend to make wines taste fresher and livelier, like the vines they came from are happier and ready to party! Good for the earth, good for the vines, good down the gullet! Demeter is the international Biodynamics standard group that certifies farms, so you will see the Demeter stamp on all of these wines.

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  • The original Troon vineyards, in Southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley AVA, were planted in 1972, and while the wines were solid for many years, the new owners, Denise and Bryan White, set out to make their mark with a new vision for the winery in 2017! Their goal was to make the highest-quality wines possible from sustainably-farmed vines, so they quickly started the process of farming within the Biodynamic** guidelines. The winery is now Biodynamic and Regenerative Organic Certified, and boy can we tell the difference!! Winemaker Nate Wall has really hit his stride with these wines!

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